Monday, June 4, 2012

W.O.W the MOMager #4..and a lot of life lessons learned :)

I'm BACK! Didja miss me? Can I be totally honest and say I have missed y'all?? I feel like I have a back log of thoughts and entries piled up in my head after a full week away from this little blog! 

and boy was it a week. 

I'm not going to sugar coat was ROUGH. 

let me first start this by saying, this post isn't going to be loaded with pictures because my camera cord is in some random box, bag or bin somewhere in my garage....................otherwise known as the black hole of boxes right now.

but I do have some sloppy iphone pics I can share! :) 

So since you last heard from me...I was so excited that it was closing week! and that I was going to be moving ***SUPPOSEDLY*** that Wednesday. I had all these glittery plans in my blissfully organized move with all my happy helpers...while my kids were finishing their last days of school...then I was going to be a hardcore DIY girl and glam up that ugly kitchen...and finish it all off with a Memorial Day BBQ!


ya...then life happened. 

And we got a phone call 2 days before we were supposed to close saying there was a lien on the new house...a $28k lien....and that our financers were going to back out if the title company couldn't clear the lien. The words "Should we find another house" actually crossed our lips. Mind ENTIRE house had already been in boxes for 3 days because we were already 6 days past our original close date.

Then I got myself together, and literally stayed up for a full 24 hours fully educating myself in Title and Insurance Law...playing detective...and sending out strongly worded emails. Thankfully, by Thursday morning the title got cleared and we got pushed to closing Friday Morning. 

So we are now 11 days past our original close date....My little one had already had her last day of "school"

(You can spot my kids from a mile away...they always have the biggest hair bows hehe)

It was Friday of Memorial day weekend and we had very literally just blown every single one of our plans out of the water. We were in survival mode now. 

But we pressed on....we went to closing, emptied our bank account and signed our lives away for the next 30 years...
(see...told ya he had more than one shirt)

And we took on the extremely difficult task of moving with 2 kids in tow and no real helpers (aside from the bfs extremely nice parents who were far more helpful than they had to be, but they are just amazing like that) 

We were only moving 3 neighborhood streets instead of renting a truck....we did this....

(You can just call us the Redneck Re-locators) 

Biggest. Mistake. Ever. 

I don't doubt that we made over 20 trips back and forth between the two trip number 10, you stop thinking its fun and start just plain hating life.

Oh and did I mention I live in Texas? ya it was mid 90's, sunny and humid the entire time. It was like moving inside of an oven.

And of course, I decided to take on tasks that were far out of my helping the BF unhitch the extremely heavy trailer from the truck..................Heavy trailer + weak armed girl = Trailer hitch Smashed Ankle.

(it swelled up to about the size of a grapefruit and turned a delightful shade of purpley/green/yellow)

We spent our very first night in the house here:

Because we couldn't get the mattress upstairs without knocking down one of the ugly chandeliers. 

It was just a full on disaster of a weekend. And I learned a big time life lesson: It doesn't matter how many lists and charts and plans you will get in the way and throw it all down the drain and sometimes there is absolutely nothing you can do about it.

So we have been in the house for a week now, and we are still existing on "survival mode" Tomorrow I am going to tell y'all exactly what I mean about that ... sometimes you have to just maintain sanity so you can live to see tomorrow.

This girl had her last day of 1st grade on Friday. unfortunately, I spent all day Thursday literally thinking I was going to die from the worst case of food poisoning ever...which caused me to miss her end of school year party :( 
(We stopped for an end of school year Ice Cream Treat before we headed to cheer practice!) 

We said good bye to our akward little rental on Tuesday...I'll be honest, i sat in the corner of the kitchen and cried like a broken hearted teenager. I truely loved that place. 

We had an ugly rainstorm come by Tuesday night...causing some big time damage in our neighborhood...the fence at the old rental house got blown down and we lost a tree in the front yard on our new place causing us to re-think our DIY planning and moving the landscaping and outdoor spaces to the top of the list. We cleared out some trees, reshaped bushes and had new mulch laid soon as I find my camera cord I'll show ya how great it looks :)
(She found a pair of sissys old rain boots in a box...I figured it was a perfect opportunity to learn to dance in the rain)

I made myself focus on getting the main areas set up last bedrooms...and putting a desk together so we could have a computer again. I also watched my "moving" movie...I got this movie after I got my first apartment almost 10 years ago...I have watched it while unpacking for 9 moves now :)

(Its because of one scene in the whole movie...where Kirsten Dunst shows her organized 1950's housewife laundry just gets me into that homemaker spirit)

My timeline....plans...ideas...everything is down the drain, I'm starting back from square one with everything including plans and visions for room decor and everything. The only room that is starting to look like something pretty is my big girls room
She got a new queen sized bed for her new room so I had to get new bedding for it...its on its way to being the GLAM GIRL Diva room that she has dreamed up. 

Ha! and lets ad insult to phone decided it didn't wanna live anymore last night and committed electronic suicide :( it won't even recognize a charger anymore so I am now with house...but without phone. Oh it just never ends :)

But I'm back...and I've got new plans...and new things to share....and its all good :) 


  1. Aww Shelly! It sounds like quite a move!!

    I hope your ankle is feeling better and you aren't rushing the unboxing! We definitely missed your sunny personality!

    Heal up and you'll be back full force soon!

    And your girls are adorable, the bf in a different shirt too!

  2. OH.MY.GOSH. That's all I can say about your move week! And, hey, it's over! It's one you'll never forget, right? :-)

  3. MOVING SUCKS! I agree that if something can it will go wrong when moving. I have moved too many times to count and it still sucks! lol Glad to hear that you are getting settled and excited to see how everything comes together!

    Loving my printables btw!!!!