Monday, June 25, 2012

My organized Craft Storage

I'll be the first to admit that I don't craft nearly as much as I would like to. But there are certain times of the year (Christmas, My girls bdays & Cheer Season) that I find myself stocking up on paint, glitter and other craft accessories. Over time my little collection has been stored in many different closets, in under bed containers, in 500 different small plastic bins...I've tried quite a few different solutions, but last year I finally found something that worked.

In the office of my cute little rental I had a small IKEA Malm dresser in my office that I used to hold all of my craft supplies, everything was easily accesible, the drawers were large enough to hold most of my supplies and the piece worked well as another flat surface to use when crafting (if your a crafter, you know the llittle dance you do when you are trying to find a space to allow your works to dry or cure without invading your current work space)

So when we moved here, and my oldest daughter said she would rather use a cube style dresser than her standard white one, I decided I would take over her white one and use it for my crafts again. Lets go for a little tour of the drawers shall we :)

The top drawer holds all the messy stuff...its out of my 2 year olds reach for very very good reason :) in here I have my paints (seperated by fabric or craft...the ones that are laying on their side are small cans of spray glitter) these are stored in an IKEA fabric drawer can buy these in packs of 10 and they come in various sizes, the largest bin in the set is being used to hold my paints in this picture. to the right I have my stamping supplies, fabric flowers, pony beeds, small craft accesories (brads and gem stones) as well as all of my glitter...this storage box came from target a couple years ago, unfortunatly I don't know what brand it is and I'm not even posititve if its still in production, I bought this and the "mini dresser" on top of my craft dresser on clearance. I used the open space to hold rolls of tape and vinyl.

The next drawer is a bit difficult to see, but this gives you a better idea of the cloth organizing cubes..the back left cube is holding all of my "cheer crafts" ( needs its own bin lol) to the right of that is my cricut things, and then on the far right is all of my liquid adhesives (modge podge, spray adhesive, tacky glue, etc) the front left bin holds all of my glue guns and sticks and next to that is a box holding "projects in progress" (I know I'm not the only one with a half finished project or 10 laying around the house)

 The third and forth drawer hold my fabric, sewing notions, trim, ribbon and spools of tulle....I'm not really big in to sewing (i'm a "straight line seamstress" if you know what I mean) but there was a time many moons ago that I had a craft fair booth at a local trade fair and i sold tutus, hairbows, and little girls boutique style clothes. a lot of this is run off from those days. 
And lastly, my bottom drawer holds some fiberfill bags, sewing paterns, and large pieces of fabric that I used for backings of big sewing projects.

My craft table has all of my machines plugged in and ready for use, that is a Xyron on the left, my cricut and my sewing machine....nothing fancy. and like I said earlier, all of my scrapbooking stuff is stowed in that green rolling tote under the desk, I am still in search of the "right way" to organize all of that stuff. 

My last little box is the small white box on top of my filing cabinet...I bought this at target along with the other two white organizing boxes. this holds all of my tapes, glue sticks, extra blades, and small crafting tools. 

I'm dreaming up solutions for my scrappin' stuff as we speak...I've taken on the GIANT task of putting together my daughters school scrapbook for next year so I am going to need all of that stuff to be well organized and easily accessible. Can't wait to show y'all what I come up with :)


  1. Love the ideas! I actually keep a scrap cupboard I upgraded..but your ideas are so cute!

  2. I'm dreaming of having something like this,Love all your supplies and organization


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