Wednesday, May 23, 2012

How do you MOMage? *Stephanie*

Meet my friend Stephanie:

Long story short...we went to the same small town highschool together many years ago and share lots of common friends, but our paths crossed a few years ago through a mommy meet up group. She is hands down one of the most creative Super Mom's that I know. 

On top of being a working mom and wifey she

She plans crazy awesome birthday parties for her daughter:

She makes Ace of Cakes style awesome cakes

She takes Mama-razzi to a whole new level arranging super cute mini photo shoots for her little Diva Bella

She's does the DIY thing and made a bedroom and playroom any 5 year old girl would dream to have

And last but certainly not least...She's a Crazy Texas Cheer Mom just like me! She is even crazy enough to coach a rec team much like I did!

More about Stephanie:

Age: I am 26
Profession:  I am an executive administrative assistant for an oil and gas company. I actually work with my mother-in-law and knew her before I met my husband!
Who is in your family:  My husband, Mike, and I have been married almost 6 years and together we have one beautiful little girl, Bella (5 years old). We also have 2 dogs, Jack (our chihuahua/terrier stray) and Zoe (our chihuahu/beagle), and 2 cats, Simon and Toby. And we just got a saltwater tank that we have some pretty neat fish and things in! Oh, and Bella has her own Beta fish! :0)
What is your decorating style?: I would say my decorating style is pretty traditional. 
Who does the cooking at your house?  I, unfortunately, do all the cooking in my house! I wish I could say I enjoy cooking half as much as I do the rest of my other hobbies! But I can still put together a pretty delicious meal! :0)
Can you share a family favorite meal with us?  Probably one of our favorite meals is my cajun chicken creole served over a bed of sticky rice.
How do you take care of YOU? I spend my 'me' time at the gym! You can find me there every day during my lunch break and on sundays. It's about the only "me" time I get! I also enjoy going to zumba twice a week! It's a lot of fun and a great way to dance and shake all the stress out ;0)
Whats your #1 MOMaging tip?  My only MOMaging tip (because organization is not my best quality) is that with our over the top busy schedules and my husband's odd work hours we like to come together at the end of the day for some family time. Whether it's making a family movie night, playing a board game, or taking the dogs on a walk... it's a great way for us to unwind and come together! And I find the closer we are as a family, the smoother our life runs!

Don't you just LOVE her? :) I always get so excited to see what fun things she has working on! Hopefully I can get her back on here soon to give me some cake making and photography tips!

Thanks Stephanie!



  1. Wow! Stephanie you are one busy girl! Anyway to talk you into a post about go to meals and snacks...I wanna look just like you when I grow up! lol I am also not a Mommy who LOVES to cook.

    1. LOL! You're so funny! Well, I am probably the WORST person to ask, but since you did, I will go ahead and rat myself out :0) I am not a very good eater and I am very picky! I unfortunately passed my poor eating habits down to my daughter and I'm working hard on trying to get her to eat better, but that is seeming to be a very long process! I've been working on getting myself to eat better, as well! So for breakfast I almost always make myself a protein shake. Either with fresh fruit, or a chocolate shake. I always add herbal life protein powder, chia seeds, flax seed, natural honey, almond milk, and I will add PB2 (which is a powdered peanut butter, and much healthier than regular) to my chocolate shake! I have found a lot of benefits with Chia Seeds (added ENERGY, they keep me full longer, they are very high in Omega-3s... and the list goes on). I even try to bake with it when I can so my daughter gets the benefits too (although she doesn't need any more energy!). I am not much of a snacker, but when I do I usually grab some pita chips, crackers with cheese or even a huge cookie if it's in front of me :0) I am naturally attracted to pastas, breads and sweets! And I don't limit myself on these as much as I should!! And I usually only eat 1 big meal a day! So if I eat a big lunch then I won't be hungry for dinner so I will just have another shake! My husband works odd hours and isn't usually home for dinner so I cook for just my daughter and myself, therefore I have to make more kid friendly meals! But my typical go-to meals are... a mexican mac'n'cheese with chicken quesadillas or tacos, (because my daughter is so picky, I will try to puree some veggies and hide them in the pasta or I will add some flax seeds). Or a quick chicken alfredo pasta with some spinach. These are pretty easy and don't take me much time! And on the days I'm not near as rushed on time then I will spend a little more time in the kitchen and make something much better, I just don't like the cleanup after! lol! If I am thinking ahead then I will put something in the crockpot so it is waiting for us when we get home! Luckily, for my family, I am hooked on pinterest and it has me wanting to cook a lot more often! lol! My husband stopped eating red meat a couple years ago, so I rarely buy it or make it, and we have both dropped some weight since stopping eating it. I also drink a lot of water and not much soda! I know this didn't help out much and please excuse all my ramblings!! I'm sure Shelly is a MUCH better person to ask as far as go-to meals! :0) But this is about all that I do!

  2. What a lovely post! It is great to have a good friend that likes what you do, makes connecting more fun! Maybe not easier with the hectic schedules!

    I think this is a wonderful idea to share Shelly!