Thursday, June 21, 2012

The MOMager Cooks! Crock Pot Chicken Fajita Burritos and Cheesy Mexican Rice

I am a Texas girl through and through. So aside from sweet tea, big steaks, and good BBQ, I absolutely L.O.V.E good Mexican Food. 

Now let me clarify...What I actually love is good TEX-MEX. Like enchiladas and tacos and queso and refried beans and fajitas and all that lard laden, deep fried, gooey, melty, bad for you goodness.

If its ever left up to me to pick where we are going for dinner, I can assure you, I'm going to pick Mexican food. (if you are ever in the DFW area and are in search of some darn good texmex food...hit me up and I'll point you in the right directions!)

Well when I came across these pins on Pinterest:



I just knew I had to give them a try! 

I made a couple changes to her recipe since I knew I was going to be making burritos so I wanted this to be a very moist meat. I added more chicken broth, more onions & a small can of diced green chilies 
after it cooked on high for about 4 hours I removed it from the crockpot and shredded the meat, once it was sheredded, I added a little more of the cooking liquid to the meat mixture for added flavor and moisture. 
While the chicken finished up, I made the cheesy mexican rice (I followed that recipe to a tee) 

I laid out all of my favorite burrito fixins: Tortillas (I really wished I would have had some fresh bought just doesn't do it for me) Cilantro, Pico de gallo, Guacamole (excuse the big bite out of the guac...dinner was running a little late and momma was hungry LOL) extra lime juice, tortilla chips for snacking and some shredded cheese. (I also had some sour cream but I forgot to put it out with the other stuff)

After heating the tortillas under a moist paper towel in the microwave for about 45 seconds I started adding all the goodies to this monster burrito...I even decided to throw the cheesy Mexican rice in to the mix. then with a final sprinkle of cheese and cilantro it was ready to eat!

It was SO good. and VERY filling (the boyfriend and I both agreed that we should have made smaller burritos since we couldn't finish a whole one) The only change I would make next time is to put a little less rotel in to the rice and add some corn (traditional texmex style rice typically has corn in it) and I would have liked some boracho beans either inside the burrito or atleast on the side.

Other than that, it was a winner! The chicken recipe is a keeper for sure, I'm not one to pick chicken when it comes to mexican fair, but this stuff was gooooood. Next time I might even add about half a bottle of mexican beer to the crock pot for another layer of flavor.

Either way. I call this recipe, MOMager Approved :) 


  1. I am so saving this...I like a solid texmex meal, the spicier the better!

  2. I just moved to DFW area & would love any recommendations you have! Thank you in advance!! =)

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