Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The MOMager System *Post #1* in the beginning.

About 3 years ago I came out with the original prototype of my planner that I call the MOMager. The purpose behind it is that its custom to fit ME. The content is tailored to ME and MY life. The fonts and style are appealing to ME and even down to the amount of spacing between lines is just the way I like it. And I do this because its MY life...its not yours...or my best friends...or a corporate's mine and its unique to me. So why should I attempt to schedule and organize my unique life in a way that someone else designed? 

That is the trouble that I ran in to from the first time that I bought a planner (which was in 5th grade....This list making OCD scheduler thing is in my blood I tell you) There was ALWAYS something wrong...the size wasn't right or the layout didn't work for me...or it included sections I didn't use...or even worse, left out sections I actually needed. So a couple years ago I made the original. 

It was a HUGE 52 week planner with custom tabs and lots of different sections...I designed all of the pages myself and had it spiral bound at staples.

 The layout was done by month with a 2 page monthly spread followed by a 2 page weekly spread for all the weeks of that month 

The weekly layout was really similar to the design of the very popular Mom Agenda and the Erin Condren Life Planners.

Then there were sections in the back that held all the content I wanted...specific pages for all of my kids activities, school info, contacts, notes, etc.

But there was a problem. 

This thing was HUGE. about 2 inches thick and HEAVY. the other problem was that since it was spiral was permanent. and I'm going to let you in on a tiny secret here...I am literally OCD...I can't stand a page with imperfections...incorrect information...a misspelled literally drives me crazy. I have thrown away entire planners because I made a scheduling mistake and the thought of having to cross it out and look at that blotch forever literally made my skin crawl. I know the simple answer would be to use pencil but, nope...I don't like the way my hand writting looks in pencil.

Go ahead and join me on the crazy train kids, your in for a ride ;)

So I made this planner last me until the beginning of 2011 and that is when I came up with the next addition to my MOMager family...lets call it The MOMager light ;)

I scaled down big time...I found one of these flex binders and that helped with the whole "not perminant" thing and I edited the inside a bit...

I kept the same 2page monthly calendar as that has worked really well for me.

But instead of the weekly page, I realized that I needed daily I printed these off a month at a time and kept it in the "ToDo's" Tab

I also edited the content and started using this only as a planner and created a separate "Home Management  Binder" to house all of the other things (kids activities, household tasks, school info, recipes, etc...)

This system worked great for me until I found flaws in this design...I didn't like that I could only plan a month  at a time...then there was the issue of the monthly "reload" and I would find that I wouldn't get around to that until mid month and I would end up scrapping the whole months worth of planning because "it's too late" (silly, i know) 

I also didn't like that I didn't have a week at a glance section or the ability to keep my meal planning/grocery list with me when I was on the go.

So I scoured Pinterest for the best Ideas I could find...home management books...calendar printables...I even broke down and bought a Mom Agenda...but I always ran in to the same wasn't tailored to me. So I compiled a list of all of my MUST HAVES and with some inspiration from this awesome system:

I came up with this:

This is my MOMager File Box the next few posts I will let you take a peek in to my Weekly Folder...The File Box Seasonal Folder...and my Ramblings Book. 

This is only about a 1/4 of my full MOMager system...but this is the brains of the operation :)

Check back later for the full peak in to my Weekly Folder and File Box!


  1. I love the font you use and you have amazing handwriting. I am just setting up my file folders and I really like how you have decorated the front with art and an inspiring quote. Very nice!

  2. I think its way too funny i saw your 5 star and thats exactally what i have but i was thinking of a smaller version cause right now to carry that with me i feel like i am carrying a whole file with me.. i like the idea of your binding your own book tho. i might have to look in to that.. thanks for posting on the i heart organizing facebook page :)

  3. I have been revamping my own journals for the past 5 years, too. I have been a journaler since I was in High school using blank books and just writing about what teenage girls think about. then I started a career and needed to stay organized so I went to several classes on time management and Franklin Covey planning systems. I used to just make due with whatever i cold find. I used Franklin covery for years but all ther time lines were a waste, I did not schedule this way, so IT was a waste of paper. Once I had kids and they got to the age of practices and playdates and appointments the MomAgenda was the closest I could find but I wanted to tweek it to suit me better. My book I use now fits into any standard day planner book, I print the pages off on my computer and I only do about 2 months at a time, incase I decide to re-tweek. Each day is 2 pages ( 5 1/2 x 8 1/2) I have a section for what I am thankful for, My daily blog posts, To Do list, My food and excersice log, What's for dinner, check offs for my daily meds and water i should be drinking, section for each child and husband so I know where, and when they need to be places, and a refections section to make notes at the end of each day. this have been working for me for the past few years. I can't wait to get a better look at your system.