Monday, June 11, 2012

W.O.W. the MOMager #5

Hello all! I think I am finally out of survival mode and back to a semi normal lifestyle! Most of my house is out of boxes (most....) We have been eating real, non drive through meals. I finally feel like I can get back to reality and start enjoying summer!

Last week was the last week of total chaos for me, it was that week where the school year extracurriculars overlapped in to summer was just a bit crazy. So I took a break from the bloggy world to focus on getting things back to normal for all of us (here is a little tip to any of you who are reading that have little blogs...if you are not making a huge profit from your blog, please don't be a slave to it. Blogs are meant to be fun...a hobby if you will. If you told someone that you put off unpacking your house because you just had to make 3 more pages for your scrapbook they would look at you like you were looney tunes. So putting your world on hold to tend to your non monetizing blog is just silly. Priorities loves :) )

I did have a wonderful weekend though. My big girl had her very first dance recital...I know most 7 year olds have had a handful of recitals by now, but my girl has done cheer since she was 4, and just got in to dance this January. (She actually got a hip hop dance class as a present from my mom....who knew what a huge flood gate that would open) about a month in to her class, they sent the team director to talk to me asking her to join their competitive team. Unfortunately she had already committed to a cheer team for the next year so she is going to do their production team next year until she decides if she wants to be a dancer or a cheerleader :) She had a blast being in the spotlight for the afternoon, and I was a proud, camera snappin, momma <3 

she makes this look so easy, but I can assure you that she worked her tiny hiney off to get to this range of flexibility. I'm one of those people that can barely touch my toes...flexibility and loose muscles just arn't in our genetics. That is hard work, stretching and training right there :)

I know that she looks like the tallest one there........she is..........but shes actually the youngest by 2 grades (shes a first grader, her friends are both 3rd graders hah) her daddy is 6'4 so height is in her genetics ;)

She loved being on the stage...behind the curtains...with a full audience in front of her. She's performed all over Texas, to packed Colosseums and even at Cowboy Stadium on the field...but a high school auditorium stage was "super cool" to her

In the spotlight, center stage, exactly where she loves to be :) (Did I mention shes only 7...17 doesn't seem too far away....)

And because we are all about shenanigans around here....we were trying to get some cute family pics and this is what we got... I've got a pacifier ring on, and the baby looks like shes trying to bite my butt ;)

Speaking of the baby...and shenanigans. I'm pretty sure this picture right here sums up her crazy personality to a tee. <3

After her Recital, we decided to keep living our "Americana Dream" day and went to the neighborhood Block party.

We met our incredible neighbors...ate some amazing food...and i had one of those moments where I was sitting there and all I could think was "I have an amazing life..."

My girls went to hang out with their dad for the day on Sunday and the bf had to work, so I spent my day on patios and in pools with my friend. 

Its always crazy to think that I'm the same age as most of these really goes to show that age and lifestyle are two totally different things.

I would love to share a pic with you of my folder for this looked so cute! Then my 2 year old spilled BBQ sauce all over it. ah such is life. In that moment, I was so happy to have my folder system...if that had been a hardbound planner, I would have had to trash it and start all over again. but instead, i grabbed a napkin, wiped the extra glop of BBQ sauce off the cover and got back to my week will provide another pretty, fresh, clean slate :)

I will however share my quote, its not neccesarily a deep, meaningful inspirational quote this week...its a lyric to a song that I am loving right now:

"What can I say? This house is falling apart. We got no money, but we got heart. We're gonna rattle this ghost town" ~ Walk the Moon "Anna Sun"

I heard it last week and immediately came home and played it for the totally just works in the moment :)

So now that I am back to normal, I've got a whole week of fun posts! Tomorrow I'm going to let you take at the house...its going to look so plain, and so unexciting...nothing like the pages of a magazine, its going to look a lot like your house...or your neighbors house. Just normal ... Fabulous comes later :)

And I'm going to let you take a look at our new yard after we had it cleaned up from the storm...I've got some plans in a pocket of my brain...I'm pretty sure my flower beds/front door are going to be my first DIY adventure in the new place! 

And don't forget! Its fathers day weekend this weekend! so I'm going to do something rarely done in the blog world....I'm going to give the reigns over to one of my favorite friends who happens to be a single dad. He helps run, a promotional company that helps local and national non profits organize fundraisers and events to benefit their causes. He also finds time to raise his 2 wonderful children...we are going to hear how he DADages later this week 

And are you surviving summer? we are on week 2 over here, and things are still going pretty well, we've got back to back VBS camps but I see that mid summer lul sneaking up on me and I'm determined to be prepared. I've put together a "Summer Sanity" pack for you AND your school aged kids...I'll tell you all about it and how you can get it on Friday!

I hope your all having a wonderful week, keep on keepin on :)

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  1. How did I miss this post! You and your girls look sweet as can be! I bet the younger one will give you a run for your money! (My third was like that as well!)

    It sounds like a wonderful day out with the girls, and what a refresher before all the work you have going on!

    I've been posting your site at work, I hope some of the guys and gals start visiting soon! Many of them aren't as OCD as I am, but I think your system will go a long ways in helping!

    I can't WAIT for your next MOMager post...I am always interested in hearing how others plan and prepare their weeks! I've been using files since 1999 when Michele Lewis was queen of homeschool and now I'm finding out others out there think like I do! Keep it up!