Monday, May 7, 2012

W.O.W the MOMager #1

Welcome to the first Whatcha Organizing With the MOMager post! (this will eventually be a linky party once this blog gets a little more traction...until then, I'm gonna be the star of the show ;) )

I've got this weeks folder all stocked and ready to go! 

LOVING this weeks quote "The Only way to Succeed is to not worry about what anyone else is doing." SO SO true!!! 

Tomorrow I'm going to let you peak in my "Ramblings" book ... the final piece of my "goes everywhere with me" MOMager system

I spent about 10 hours setting up for, hosting and cleaning up from our garage sale on Saturday. I've got some tips and tricks about how we made it all work 

We are in full swing packing mode around here. There are boxes EVERYWHERE. I'm going only slightly insane over the fact that our closing date is slightly in limbo right now there is a variance of about a week...don't these people know I am a crazy OCD girl that REALLY likes to have everything very well planned and scheduled well in advance?! geesh. Later this week I'll show you how we are keeping everything organized while we move.

And finally check back on Friday for some fun gift ideas. We have 3 birthday parties and mothers day breakfast coming up this weekend and I've got a few fun DIY gifts that I plan to make for the occasions!

Happy Monday Everyone!!


  1. You just knew everyone was wondering what your ramblings are! Can't wait to see the post!

    The garage sale looks like a huge success!

  2. I've been packing away over here as well! I have a little card system going...was thinking you probably have something as well. I used excel to make these lists on 4x6 cards. For example, the top of the card says "Kitchen" and over to the far right I put the box's code. The code comes from the first letter of the room (K) and then the number of the box (1,2,3, etc.) Then, in a smaller font, I have a list of what is in the box. In a big, thick black Sharpie, I label the box with its code (for example: "K-3" which means Kitchen's 3rd box) on the top right corner of every side and then on the top of the box. Hopefully, when we get to SC, it will be easy to use these cards to unpack intelligently and find various items as needed. As we pack, each of the kids has a basket that will be for the car for their items...they add to it as they find things. I'm curious to hear what you've done!