Monday, May 14, 2012

W.O.W. the MOMager

Good MONDAY morning :) I hope all you MOMagers out there had a wonderful Mother's day weekend. :) Mine was full of birthday party shuttling, packing and moving prep but I did take time out on Sunday for a really yummy brunch with my mom and my girls.

We went to this great little restaurant downtown. after a super yummy breakfast of Crab Cakes Eggs Benedict with Italian potatoes, blueberry muffins and french toast (it was just as decadent and delicious as it sounds I promise hehe) we spent some time on the restaurants roof top lounge. 

My little one had so much fun watching all the cars pass below us, she kept talking about us being UP!!! :)

My big one was in full on tween-ager mode...she was far more content "hanging out" in the lounge area playing on my phone and looking cool ;) 

I did get her to give me a quick mothers day smile though :) 

And when it was all over with, I gave myself the best mothers day present I could think of...A bubble bath and a 9:00 bed time :) it was delightful!

And now its Monday! 

This is what my Monday morning looks MOMager system and a red bull all ready to go!

I've got this weeks folder packed and planned for a SUPER busy week. This weeks quote is there as a reminder that this really is YOUR life...and though you should respect the opinions of others, don't allow them to rule your life. 

"The more you love your decisions the less you need others to love them."

I am SO excited to say that we have finally made it to MOVING WEEK :) unfortunately...we are still iffy on which day will be the actual closing/get the keys/pop the cork and celebrate day, but we are thinking sometime between Wed-Sat if all goes well. **FINGERS CROSSED** 

This week I am really focusing on packing and moving. Check back tomorrow for a post on how I am MOMaging my way through this move with my Moving Folder a piece of my "Priority Project" file system :)

And don't think that this DIY House blog has been completely taken over by my MOMager things...Wednesday we are going to look at my Inspiration board for the Kitchen Face lift.

And don't forget about the MOMager Series Giveaway going on Here.


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  1. What adorable girls you have! I love having breakfast somewhere that isn't too busy.

    Your quote is a good one too! I copied it for later :)