Friday, April 27, 2012

We're Just a Couple of Misfits...that's where we fit in!

Name that movie! Ready Set Go!

My band of little clan...Over the years I have piece mailed together a strange mix of friends that are closer to me than family, and family that I can talk to like friends. Many of them are the rocks that have held me up through some of the toughest times...the ones that stuck around when things got too messy. these are the people that mean every bit of everything to me. Some you will hear from on occasion...or hear about at least. But let me just go ahead and introduce the main characters:

The Nerdy Boy:

(aka: Jason) 

The only boy in the world who could break down all the walls and find the way to the center of my heart. He has saint like patience in dealing with the insanity that comes with living with 3 girls. He loves me regardless of my many flaws and supports me through all of my crazy dreams and ambitions. You can also find him right next to me at a cheer competition or sweeping up mounds of glitter (which he HATES) after a random crafting session. He has, without fail, taken on the role of "step dad" to my girls and found the perfect balance between friend and parent that comes with the very big responsibility of being a step parent. He's the best kind of dad out there...the type that didn't have to be one, but chose to be. He loves scifi and video games, hes determined to turn me in to a golf widow, and if it were up to him, every inch of my home would be "wired for automation" and hooked up to some kind of remote. He's finishing grad school right now and works in a room that looks like NASA...if you ask me what he does for a living, all I can say is "uhhh something with computers? and networks?" (I'm sure he is rolling his eyes at me while reading this) He would eat steaks for dinner every night and loves it when he gets a chance to ask me to "make him a sandwich" he is the ultimate "internet hipster" no matter how quickly I think I have "found" something funny/cool/exciting that exists on the web...he has already seen 2 years ago ;) He's just the best. and he's all mine :)

The Big One:

(aka: Samantha Paige)

 My mini me. at this writing she is 7...and about to finish first grade...but acts more and more like a 14 year old. She has been in competitive cheerleading for 3 years now and has just decided to get in to competitive dance as well (Thank you Dance Moms on lifetime.............) she changes her mind on a daily basis if her favorite thing is peace signs or skulls and per her own words she has told me that when she grows up she is going to be "an art teacher who owns their own cheer gym..." the girl dreams big :) She has constant restless energy like me, but likes to expend it on "projects" rather than "just playing" She loves to be on stage and the star of the show. She is my best big helper and has tons of patience when it comes to dealing with her little sister :)

The Little One: 

(aka: Skylar Jade)

 A curly headed ball of never ending energy. As of right now she is the quintessential 2 1/2 year old terror. This child is my karmic payback from all those years of bragging about what a great baby/toddler/preschooler Samantha was. She is sneaky and smart and can get in to/out of just about anything. She wants to be JUST like her sister (so much so that we are having to re-teach her how to count, since she now things the numbers go "5,6,7,8,1,2,3"...........thanks cheerleading LOL) she loves her "foofoo" (pacifier) and her lamby. She loves to play with babies, jump on the trampoline and run around the house pretending to be a dinosaur :)

 My Misfits <3

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