Wednesday, April 25, 2012

So We Bought A House...

We made the jump....signed on the dotted line....gave them all our money...and signed off to 30 years of financial imprisonment ;) 

Welcome to the blog that is going to chronical life as newbie DIYers in our new home....I tend to like to name houses...this one is "The Oxford Place" house...and I find it to be very fitting :)

You with most things in has natural beauty...but is a bit stuck in previous...gaudy...times....sometimes you need to give it a little home based Botox ;) a little love......and a little less brass. The bones are great, the personality shines...she just needs a make over.

We are still in the final stages of underwriting/closing/ending the lease in our previous home and won't actually be in the Oxford Place House until mid May.

But because I'm kinda crazy...I have taken it upon me to give the kitchen its first injection of restoration and filler ;)                     

(of come on...who doesn't love a little plastic surgery punnery!)

Now keep in mind...this is just minimal work to make the existing surface look a little fresher...the full on face lift will come a couple years down the line.

Keep a look out for my plans for the kitchen, time line, and some before and after pictures!

I hope you enjoy following us as we take a traditional Texas suburban brick home...and turn it in to the house of our dreams

Welcome to the Oxford Place Diaries


  1. So, this is the house that you bought? It’s so BIG! It’s like a mansion. I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy making DIY work on this house. I’ll appreciate if you’ll post it here and I’d be very happy to read them. Anyway, I hope the 30 years of paying for this house would be easy for you. Just always make an extra payment if you have extra money because that would lessen the time that you need to pay for this house. +Carmen Monrovia

  2. WOW! What a BIG house! I think you made a good choice to purchase this house. This is good enough for a growing family like yours. Have already made some improvement to this house? What about the plans for the kitchen that you mentioned? ->Lakisha Zimmerer

  3. I love the Oxford Place! I like the completely brick exterior. I’m pretty sure that the 30 years you’ll be paying for your home will be worth every penny. A house is always a good investment. Do make sure that the legal documents of your property are legit.

    Kristopher Washington