Friday, April 27, 2012

"A Dream is A Wish Your Heart Makes"

betcha can't remember the rest of that song? either lol. It's some thing Disney though and I'm sure its just lovely.

So I know you Pin...daily? hourly? every waking minute? I remember when I first found pinterest last summer and probably spent 3 full days glued to the screen in my pajamas taking small meals at my desk...I came out of my pinterest stupor when the nerdy boy related me to some of his gaming junkie friends. Thanks for the PINtervention dear ;)

I probably check my "people I follow" page twice a day ... then occasionally will scoot over to Home and Decor, DIY or Food .................. if I feel like gettin snarky, I'll head to the humor page, but not to go all internet hipster on you....if its made its way to pinterest....that means the nerdy boy has already seen it on one of his random instant internet creation websites and determined if I would find it humorous and sent it to me. (its a blessing and a curse all in the same)

But I will honestly say...I have no clue what I did before Pinterest...

** Shameless plug**

I love finding pictures that are relatable to my style...I've even found a couple that pretty much exactly replicate what I am trying to achieve.

Like for the kitchen mini-face lift....check this one out:

When I came across this I was like OMG! THAT'S IT!!!!!!! the white cabinets...the black counter top...even down to the almost exact hammered tin paneled back splash! gah! isn't it loverly? 

I also got a couple ideas from that chandelier. LOVE....and the apron sink. SWOON. I don't particularly love the window covering, but I do love how they framed out the window and the little detail of the molding that they put on the small space on top of the tin where it meets the window.

So lets see how close I can get to this with the mess that I am working with...fingers crossed I can at least come close.

But remember...this is just a mini face lift...the big reno is a couple years down the road...and that's when I'm going to do something this:

Getting rid of my terrible tiny island in favor of a peninsula.

Doesn't the peninsula make the banquette area look so cozy!

Super smart organization of the small amount of cabinet space that I more nesting all of my casserole dishes inside one another and having to clank around to get to the lasagna pan!


LOVE this for storing the small things in my teeny tiny pantry...Would also be great for seasoning packets, kid snacks and baking goodies!

Speaking of Pantries....down the road we intend on closing in the double doors that lead from the front room in to our kitchen and merging that space with the existing pantry to create an L shaped, walk in pantry.....I could only hope to make it look as gorg as this one!

Dreaming big here...the window...the molding... THAT BACK SPLASH...the sink...the counters...oy, just all of it. 

And finally....the bead board ceiling...the vent...a couple glass cabinets...and most importantly...the floor. Probably sooner than later (think family xmas present) we will be replacing the carpet in the downstairs with dark, wide planked wood floors much like these 

So...can you see it? do you see the dream....I can :) 

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