Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hey! Don't I know you?!

I don't you? ;)

You might have seen me in my earliest stages of blogging when I was using my business name as my blogging handle...there are still some great posts on my old blog (including the often pinned MOMager)

(S3 Events and Design is still open for business as my Home Based Project Management & Events company. Feel free to contact us if you are in the DFW metroplex and are in need of Interior design, Home Organization, Project Management Services, Home Staging, Relocation assistance, Personal Concierge or Event planning and Management help)

Or you might have even seen me at my other blog that is more focused on Home and Family life...This blog has some great oldies (including my cheery cheese cake dip and DIY Ruffle Tree Skirt) This Blog will remain open and will be updated frequently ... I'll do my best to at least link my posts between the two blogs!

******EDIT****** The above blogs will remain open but all posting in regards to Shelly the MOMager and S3 Events and Design will be done on THIS get stick around :) 

And finally you might ACTUALLY know me...If you don't allow me to introduce myself...

Hi! I'm Shelly....I'm a "young" mom from a suburb in the DFW metroplex...I am enjoying my "take two" shot on life....In the last 3 years I have seperated from my ex husband...found out I was pregnant with my sweet little put on bed rest...lost my job...went crazy (ok not really but find me a sane person who is constantly on the go, confined to bed for 6 weeks....oh ya, and throw in a little insomnia for good measure) ... had my second premature baby after an emergency a divorce...gave my full heart over to the nerdy boy of my dreams...moved out of my first home...moved in to a tiny 2nd story apartment...moved in to the rental house that stole my heart...spent 2 years coaching recreational cheerleading to 5-7 year old girls....and then finally made it here. Where I am on the brink of changing my world all over again with a new house for our little family. But this time is different...Its one can take it away from us...tell us we have to leave...or tell us "no you can't do that" its All Ours and I couldn't be happier.

On a less deep note: I love margaritas and Fountain drinks from QT with extra crushed Ice, I love cheep wine and good mexican food. My style is kind of modern traditional? with a little french hotel feel? Idk...I like what I like and it usually looks pretty good when my ideas come out to reality! I have ADD and GAD...its a delightful combination. I was a "young mom" having my oldest just a couple months after I turned 20. I am an only child. I love to travel. I am dreadfully terrified of snakes and big dogs. I hate mushrooms. I love good music...I don't care if its red dirt country, dub step or 80's rock...if its good, its good. I'm a true blue Crazy Texas Cheer Mom, I have served as the "room mom" for Samantha since she was in "pre k-3" (thats 4 years of service so far) and just this past year for Skylar in her MDO program. I would leave my own nerdy boy for Dr. Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons) from Big Bang Theory in a heart beat. I'm a pinterest addict. I hate talking on the phone but i'll text all day long. I'm far from perfect, not even close to normal... I'm just...Me...Simply, Shelly. 

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