Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Prissy Girl Pink: A Room Fit for my Diva Girl!

We have done lots of little projects over the summer over here at Oxford Place, but this was the one I was most excited about :) 

Decorating my Mini Me's bedroom has always been my favorite room to do anytime we move...she started with a pink and green princess nursery...then a sweet french themed toddlers room....

her preschool room had pretty pink and purple stripes and a Ballerina theme...

when Kindergarten came around she was all about being a Rock Star...her room even had a real pink drum Set :) 

First grade she was way in to Skulls and Paul Frank Monkeys so we did a girly Skurvy room complete with a full chalkboard wall

Needless to say, shes been one lucky kiddo when it came to cool room styles.

But once we moved to Oxford Place I told her that the room she has going to be the room she keeps until she is out of elementary school, so she needs to pick wisely and not just go for something she loves now. 

So after some deliberation, she told me she wants something "Diva..and sparkly....and pink...but not like princess pink ok?"

I did my very best to meet all of her expectations, and I think I did a very good job:

Welcome to The Diva Den 

Don't those curtains just leave you breathless?! Would you believe me if I told you I got them for $20 from IKEA?!  The black curtains are just cheapo tab curtains from walmart...they were too short to hang all the way down, but they look stunning pulled back.

The Duvet, sheets, sparkle ribbon pillow and lamp are all from Target, the polka dot pillow is from IKEA.Her bed was my child hood bed that I spray painted a glossy about doing what you can with what you have! 

The Computer/Camera really distort the shade of pink that is on the wall...we used Valspar's Very Berry and it really was the PERFECT shade of deep magenta pink. All of the things hanging on the wall came from Garage sales...they were all the most hideous shade of brassy gold but they look incredible now after a few coats of glossy black spray paint. 

To the right of her bed, and behind her door is where all her many bags hang...Backpacks, Cheer & Dance Bags and her cutesy Summer bag that I made before we went Road Trippin' in July. They are hanging on a basic coat hook from IKEA. The Cork board was from Hobby Lobby...I bought it with a 40% off coupon then spray painted it a metallic silver; then I hot glued a white feather boa around the edges to make it a little more Glam :) The mirror is just a basic full length mirror from Walmart.

Here is a view from the other corner of the room....I am standing right next to her night stand that the lamp is sitting on, below the nightstand is a metal bucket that holds all of her stuffed animals. We painted the rest of her walls in Behrs "Classic Silver." 

This is one of my favorite spots of the whole room...I dreamt about it! I even scribbled random notes about it in my Ramblings Book. The desk is from IKEA and I put a garage sale found mirror at eye level so this area could double as a vanity. The sconces were also garage sale finds. The "Samantha" letters and crown are from Hobby Lobby.

So wanna know the big secret.....this whole room was done for less than $200....we shopped our home...made use of what we had...scoured garage sales and really used every ounce of our creative spirit to pull this room off just before school started on a next to nothing budget. And I think it came out looking like a million bucks. 

My girl is nothing if not a hard worker. She spends anywhere between 6-10 hours at the cheer gym every week and another 4-6 hours in the dance studio...add to that competitions and private School, Friends, Family, and everything else that comes in the life of a 2nd grader and she handles every single bit of it with a positive attitude, and she gives her all 110% of the time. So a room that is full of fluff and sparkle is the least that I could give to her to let her know just how proud I am of what kind of girl she is turning out to be :) 


  1. This could double as a pre-teen room! I bet she loves it!

  2. Love the Diva Den! I would love a room like this NOW much less as a kid!!! You are an awesome Mom!!!