Monday, August 13, 2012

I'm Back! Where have I been...

Hello dear friends! long time no talk! Like many of you, I have had a CRAZY busy summer...add in the "training" of a two year old to forgo her beloved "fufu" (pacifier), start sleeping in her big girl bed and the beginning stages of potty training, things got just down right insane. BUT WAIT! There is more! ha...add a 7 year old that is just doesn't know how to take a break and decided to join a summer cheer squad, as well as take summer dance classes...on top of her competitive squads twice weekly summer conditioning schedule AND Camps...and playdates...and vacations.........................................oh ya, and there is this little thing called our new house that is in the middle of about 8 different mini renos at any given time...Point being, I've barely had time for showers this summer, much less blog posting.

But I'm back now! I've got a whole bunch of posts waiting in the wings for y'all to get me through these last couple weeks of summer then I should be back to posting on a regular basis once school gets started for both my girls after labor day. 

as for now...wanna see what we have been up to this summer? its been a blast :) 

We had a super fun 4th of July in our little town square. 
Americana Dreams at their finest 
Me and my mini me 

My girls posing on one of the old fire trucks
My silly girl enjoying some ice cream while we waited for the firework show

Then We Went on a Texas Road Trip!
First Stop! Texas Hill Country!

We stayed at the Hyatt Hill Country Resort and Spa...the girls had a blast "toobing" the lazy river 
While I relaxed with a few magazines and some adult beverages :) 

We even had a chance to make smores by the campfire! 

Next Stop...San Antonio, Texas! Here we are in front of the Alamo.
We took a night time boat ride through the riverwalk.

Then we made it to the coast in South Padre Island for some fun in the sun! 

We stayed at The Pearl South Padre...what a view! 

Oh ya...and we snuck in a cheer competition while we were in Padre...that's my girl at the top of the pyramid!

Her Summer Squad did a great job and came home with a Silver medal and High point plaque!

And now we are back! 

we have spent the last couple weeks going through dance auditions, figuring out fall schedules, and getting ready for back to school.

I have also been SUPER busy on house projects and I can't wait to show them all to y'all!

I know many of y'all have been wondering what is going on with my ETSY store...I'll explain it all tomorrow, I have lots of explinations as to "where I'm going" with this whole blog thing coming at y'all first thing tomorrow....and later this week I'll show you what projects I've been working on this summer :) 


  1. So glad you're back...I was getting worried about you! Thanks for all the pictures...looks like everyone had a wonderful time and the girls are just adorable!!!

    I hope you will be putting your etsy store back into action :) Take care and glad you're back!
    Janel in NJ

  2. What a wonderful looking summer thus far!

    I'll be honest, I think you should blog for you. Keep it real and fun, and don't give up! You've found your niche! Just keep de-bugging it :)

    So happy you are back and rarin' to go!

  3. So glad your back! I really enjoy your blog so glad you didn't give it up!